Repairs, troubleshoot PC problems.
No cure, no pay

Transfer your computer or laptop to Windows 10
Files, documents, photos, etc. are retained.
Choice of a clean installation or with preservation of your existing programs.
Clean installation 95,-
Document-Data transfer 20,-
Existing installation with retention of programs and data 125,-
Transfer live mail in consultation. Indication 25,-

Laptops and desktops from Dual core to i7
HP, Lenovo, Dell

Working at home with a laptop goes a lot better with 2 screens, normal keyboard, mouse and a docking station for 125 euros total

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IT Training
Whitout any pre-education directly to the highest level (MBO-4) before College or directly to work.
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Who is Komp u ter hulp?

Price policy

Why and for whom do we do all of this?

Computer recovery and installation in Dutch and English
Free diagnosis
Fair prices
No cure-no pay
Transfer data/files to another machine or external harddisk


Slow computer, cleaning, malware etc. € 35, - 
Replacing the power supply, if available € 35, -
Slow laptop cleaning, malware etc. € 35, - 
Normal laptop screen replacement depending on model
Price indication € 125, - 
Replacing the keyboard, price indication € 65, -
Adapter (powersupply) when in stock € 15, -

 Office, Word, Excel, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook installation € 65, -
Windows 10 Professional including adjustments.

Total installation Windows 10 Professional incl. Office Home & Business € 175,-

Other problem?

Call. 070-212.70.93


Our Windows 10 machines work like Windows 7 
No tiles but a
normal desktop

More privacy with our customizatins