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My IT (ICT) training


The training

The training is given by a non-profit organisation. It is for people who are determined to stand out from the gray mediocrity. The right combination of education (challenging and stimulating) and students (motivated) can only be found in this type of selective education. The project already exists since jan. 2003

How does it work?

It is a very intensive 1 on 1 training course. 
Technical training and knowledge are not required.
It does require a good memory and a high absorption capacity.  

My IT skills

Lifelong learning

Project Title


The curriculum is at MBO-5 level. (higher than grade 12) Exchange Mailserver, PXE server and all kinds of other parts, are discussed in detail.

Project Title


The competency overview gives an employer a clear and unambiguous overview of the competencies. Index (sitemap)

Project Title

Thin clients

Energy- and maintenance-saving thin clients.


Some parts of the extensive curriculum



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