Thin clients with Windows 7 

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RDP settings with local sound


Economic and environmental benefits of Thin Clients

Smaller ecological footprint, cost effectiveness and other benefits compared to pc's.



10 normal pc's will use 3.500 watt which will require an extra current group of 16 ampère. Including the server, 10 Thin Clients will use 1.100 watt. 

On a yearly basis this will save up to 4.000 kw. This is similar to the yearly energy consumption of a family of four.

Besides the cost effectiveness this also means less pollution and use of natural resources.


Thin Clients produce less warmth than pc's which will spare the cost of airconditioning in summer. 

The fact that you only need to install and update 1 computer also means less upkeep and maintenance for the IT manager.

Please visit the following pages for more information on the technique behind thin clients and the total costs and savings.