Who's Komp u ter hulp?

Private IT education at Komp u ter hulp
From nothing to grade 11-12 in 3-4 months
Costs 30% less than childcare facilities

Read the whole information carefully
If the Dutch language is a problem, read the information for the English-language Comp-tia A+ training programme at the end of this chapter.

The Dutch school system for vocational education vs Komp u ter hulp

The secondary vocational education (vmbo) lasts 4 years and then you can go to the mbo
The vmbo has 3 levels. 
1 Base (b)
2 Frame, Mixed learning pathway (k/gl)
3 Theory (t)

The MBO has 4 levels
With vmbo-b you can go to MBO-2 (grade 7-8)
If you do not have a diploma, you must first go to MBO-1 (grade 6+)
With vmbo k/gl you can go to MBO-3 (grade 9-10)
And with vmbo-t you can go directly to MBO-4 (grade 11-12).
In the worst case scenario, you will be 13 years of secondary education before you are allowed to go to College (HBO).

Cheska go's directly to College (Hogeschool)  Business I & Management after her training.

Not all MBOs participate in this process.
But that can be enforced with an EVC.
A certificate of experience acquired competences.
The EVC generally gives you an MBO-3 level and so you are then allowed for MBO-4.

At Komp u ter hulp you learn so much from IT in 3-4 months that you can go straight on to MBO-4.
Even if you have little or no regular schooling.

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But it is not IT alone.
Everything is treated if there is an interest in it.
Tax issues, social skills, buying and converting house, mortgage, building permits, solving problems with government organisations and municipalities etc.
You run the risk of becoming a truly critical thinking Dutch citizen.


The training costs 825 euros per 4 weeks and you will receive 140 hours of lessons for this. 
That is 5.89 per hour.
Even less than child care.

An EVC costs approximately 2,500 euro
Together with that EVC it will cost 5,000 euros.
But if you are going to follow MBO-3 at the age of 18 you will have to pay 3 years school fees (1,137) and books (450).
Plus the extra things you have to buy.
That costs you 5,000 euros and 2.5 years of your life.
Apart from the fact then you have to compete with a 2.5 year younger person who has had his or her education at Komp u ter hulp and is therefore at a higher practical level. 
And if the MBO does want to cooperate in order to obtain a motivated student, then that EVC is not necessary.

Comptia A+

But you can also follow Comptia A+
That will lead to two English-language exams (901 & 902) and these certificates are recognised worldwide.
Comptia A+guarantees USD 63,000 a year in America with a few years experience,
With Security (401) USD 72,000.

We have the study guide and you can do trial examinations.