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Komp u ter hulp helps youngsters with IT education, so they can rise above the gray mediocrity by training them in 3-4 months (from level zero) to grade 11 (

As a student you also learn to
build a website (portfolio) so that you can present yourself in this way to a higher education or to work.

How the project started in 2003 and developed into what it is today.

Free PC to tackle educational deficiencies
Original EU article

How do you help children from ethnic minorities tackle educational deficiencies? In the Zeehelden quarter of The Hague the Bewonerscollectief Prins Hendrikstraat en Omgeving is providing computers for ethnic minority families.

The project, called “Komp-u-ter-hulp” (a play on words which also means: “comes to help you”), is aimed mainly at poor lone mothers with small children who themselves speak no Dutch, as a result of which the children are at a disadvantage when they start school.


The residents group works together with local schools. Where teachers indicate that no Dutch is spoken in a child’s home the project team offers a free computer. This is installed with all the necessary facilities including Internet access. Also installed is a special language teaching program with which children can start learning Dutch at home. For older computer users the team also install Abiword: an Arabic version of Word for writing letters and emails.

To support the introduction of a PC to a family the project team aims to arrange coaches to give two hours’ computing tuition every week.

The project is aimed mainly at women and young girls since this is where the project group has identified the greatest potential benefits. Helping them make up the gap in their education also helps them gain confidence so that they can function better in Dutch society.

In 2003 the project placed 175 computers. A further 100 computers were placed in 2004. At the time of writing these 275 computers are being used by some 1300 people.
Resources used

In 2003 the project received a subsidy of EUR 13,000 from The Hague’s city education department. A further EUR 7,000 was granted by the Integration department in 2004.


Up to and including 2008, some 1,000 computers have been installed by Komp u ter hulp and the provision of free computers wil been carried out by Leergeld since 2009. Until Dec. 2019, a total of 20.700 computers with Windows and Office had already been donated to low-income families.

Komp ter hulp support early school leavers and other underprivileged young people by giving them a basic computer repairer course
Learning for HBO (college) Business IT and Management is another opportunity
Together with trainees who are in regular education. is taught them to install servers with thin clients, an exchange mail server, etc. 

Komp u ter hulp is able to educate young people without any computer knowledge in 3 to 4 months to grade-11-12. So that they can flow through to MBO-4. That is the level they must attain in order to be allowed to go to HBO (College). 

The organization, structure and management of the Dutch education system

But it is also possible to move on to a higher level, such as Cheska.

She was admissible for HBO (College) Business, IT & Management in Rotterdam, after 4 months intensive training. 
She was just like a sponge that absorbs all that knowledge.

And Helen got work directly after her education at Komp u ter hulp

Social internship for students in secondary education


Pupils in secondary education who have to do a social internship experience quite a few problems.
They have to do social work for 16-20 hours, but they have to do so outside school hours.
This is very difficult for companies and organisations to plan.
We link students and (older) people without computer knowledge to each other and then together they determine the teaching hours.
Those people learn how to use a computer and the pupils complete their social internship.
A win-win situation

Contact info
Komp-u-ter-hulp website https://www.komp-u-ter-hulp.nl
Ton Mertens

Project start date

Original article on the european website

Computing for the elderly


Superior installation techniques prevent a lot of problems

Komp u ter hulp
The One-to-One learning center is a non-profit educational organization. Committed to changing lives through the development of life-long learning skills. 
Open for everyone of different abilities and backgrounds.
The lessons are individually given, according a logical program.
Young people, follow their training here, from their intrinsic motivation.
Determined to distinguish themselves from the gray mediocrity.
The right combination of education (challenging and stimulating) and students (motivated) is actually only found in this type of selective courses.

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Every 3rd Thursday April, thousands of companies in Europe open their doors to young girls to awaken their interest in beta technology.