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Integration 2022

The accountability of civic integration gets back in the hands of the municipality.
With 3 months I(C)T training directly to MBO-4 or to work.
ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. (IT)
MBO-4 is vocational education grade 12 and with that you're also admissible for college.
Three learning routes with their own learning goals:
1- The regular route 1 (aimed at passing the civic integration exam).
2- The educational route 2 (aimed at further education).
3- The Z-route 3 (aimed at participation in society).

When you learned to speak Dutch and can read English, you could follow the I(C)T course (2).
And if you're English-speaking, you can start right away.
You can do the integration course (1) in the evening, even if you already have a job in ICT.
In general, you must first complete vocational education level 2 (2 years) and level 3 (3 years).
With this abridged training you skip that.


With 3 months you will learn enough to progress to ICT-MBO-4 or directly to work.
It turns out that women are much faster at this. (6-8 weeks)
You don't need any prior training for that.
Motivation and a good memory are enough.
Having your own website as a reference helps enormously.
Age and experience are not so important, as Lara (45) has already proven with a starting salary of 3,000 euros.
You can also apply for an EVC, Experience certificate acquired competencies, and after following the curriulum it is generally MBO-3. (vocational education grade 11)
An EVC with a MBO-3 qualification is equivalent to a MBO-3 diploma.
And that makes you admissible for MBO-4  with study finance.
If you graduate, the student loan for MBO will become a gift, except for what you have borrowed extra.
But you can also go straight to work.
The problem remains that the MBO only teaches in Dutch
At Komp u ter hulp you will be taught in Dutch
and/or English.
If you are considered eligible for MBO-4 after this course, you can also try to get work at MBO-3/4 level with the presentation of your website.
If you do not meet the requirements, you can still be admitted with a 21+ admission test for college.
In that case, you're following part-time college at the company's expense and you won't have to pay any tuition fees.
With work and an income, you can look for a house and receive rent subsidy and care allowance if you are eligible for it.
If you work in ICT you can also obtain for additional certificates such as Microsoft system administrator or Comptia A+. So you get more experience and a higher salary.
The costs to learn the curriculum are 2,496 euros,
Depending on the absorption capacity of the student, this can be 6-12 weeks.

Obtaining an EVC costs 1,685 euros.
This is a separate process in which the available competencies are examined.
After mastering the curriculum, this is generally MBO-3.

In addition to that EVC, you will also receive an overview of the results of the course.
So that an employer has quick insight into your skills.

Example Samira
Overview competencies 

In 2022, the municipality will be responsible for the integration of "newcomers".
But asylum seekers/refugees (status holders) can ask the municipality to pay for this ICT education.
After all, being self-reliant with work is preferable to social assistance benefit.
And 5 years at school to get MBO-2 and 3 level, you shouldn't want either.
When you're 18, you have to pay school fees, books, laptop, etc. 7.000 euro.
And that costs you another 5 years of your life..