Got a Master's or Bachelor's degree but no job?
Retraining in IT for paid work

Now also Windows 11 with Office.
Also on your somewhat older PC or laptop which is actually not possible.
Many older machines have a normal Legacy bios and no Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
If you run the system check to find out if your machine is suitable for Windows 11, you can see this.

Still, we manage to get Windows 11 running on your machine.
Windows 11 with a permanent Office (no 365)
Installation 125,-
Surcharge SSD 128 GB 25,-

Our Windows 10-11 machines work like Windows 7 
No tiles but a normal desktop

More information

Available in English with Office USA

Laptops  and desktops from Dual Core to i-7
Dell, Lenovo, HP & Desktops

And about the guarantee?
Komp u ter hulp is a non profit foundation (ANBI)
We don't look at the date of sale, but always try to fix it.

Dell D390 i5 intel 2400. 4 cores Quadro
C:\ SSD 128 gb Operating System Windows 11-10
D:\ Storage HDD 250gb
Incl. Office. Permanent
No annual costs
295 euro

No annual fees Office 365
Office 365 is a rental construction and that comes back every year.
Our machines are equipped with Office, which continues to work without annual costs.

Installing a permanent Office on your current laptop or desktop will cost you 65 euros. (Not possible on a Chromebook)

Fully adapted to your privacy yet still be able to secure.
all modifications of our Windows 11
All machines with Windows 10- 11 and Office

Call or mail for availability
Tel. 070-212.70.93
Mail: info@komp-u-ter-hulp.nl


Dual core

Windows 11 with a permanent Office installation.
So no annual costs for Office 365 of 69 euros per year
Perfectly suited for normal office and school work
Not for heavy graphics work like photoshop or video editing
128gb SSD
225 euro

Other model 195 euro

Complete with screen, keyboard and mouse
W 11 and Office 128 gb SSD
245 euro
System case only 215 euro.

Still some XP machines for sale 115 euro

15 inch Dell Vostro 1000
128 SSD
Kind of heavy laptop.
Suitable for on the desk on electricity.
Low battery life
Windows 10 with Office
Only 125 euro

Dual CoreWindows 10-11
Incl. Office
SSD 128-256gb 195-245 euro

For your and our safety, no cash

Only debet cards. No creditcards