Repairs, troubleshoot PC problems.
No cure, no pay

Laptops and desktops from Dual core to i7
HP, Lenovo, Dell

Working at home with a laptop goes a lot better with 2 screens, normal keyboard, mouse and a docking station for 125 euros total
Screens 17 inch with silver rim and black metal base. (7 kg)

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You bring your laptop and we install the software and make the package complete with the necessary cables.

Sound works with headset or speakers via the docking station.
(Headset not included in the price)


Transfer your computer or laptop to Windows 10
Files, documents, photos, etc. are retained.
Choice of a clean installation or with preservation of your existing programs.
Clean installation 95,-
Document-Data transfer 20,-
Existing installation with retention of programs and data 125,-
Transfer live mail in consultation. Indication 25,-

IT Training
Whitout any pre-education directly to the highest level (MBO-4) before College or directly to work.
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Who is Komp u ter hulp?

Price policy

Why and for whom do we do all of this?

Computer recovery and installation in Dutch and English
Free diagnosis
Fair prices
No cure-no pay
Transfer data/files to another machine or external harddisk


Slow computer, cleaning, malware etc. € 35, - 
Replacing the power supply, if available € 35, -
Slow laptop cleaning, malware etc. € 35, - 
Normal laptop screen replacement depending on model
Price indication € 125, - 
Replacing the keyboard, price indication € 65, -
Adapter (powersupply) when in stock € 15, -

 Office, Word, Excel, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook installation € 65, -
Windows 10 Professional including adjustments.

Total installation Windows 10 Professional incl. Office Home & Business € 175,-

Other problem?

Call. 070-212.70.93


Our Windows 10 machines work like Windows 7 
No tiles but a
normal desktop

More privacy with our customizatins