IT Training
Whitout any pre-education directly to the highest level (MBO-4) before College or directly to work.
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Who is Komp u ter hulp?

Price policy
Why and for whom do we do all of this?

Computer recovery and installation in Dutch and English
Free diagnosis
Fair prices
No cure-no pay
Transfer data/files to another machine or external harddisk


Slow computer, cleaning, malware etc. 35, - 
Replacing the power supply, if available 35, -
Slow laptop cleaning, malware etc. 35, - 
Normal laptop screen replacement depending on model
Price indication 125, - 
Replacing the keyboard, price indication 65, -
Adapter (powersupply) when in stock 15, -

Desktops and laptops 

Laptops, Dual core, i-3 and i-5
HP, Lenovo, Dell

195,- / 250,- / 275,-/   325,- /350,-
Desktops 275,-
Info about stock 070-212.70.93

No annual costs Office

On our machines is Office Home & Business and that will continue to work.
Office 365 is a rental construction and comes back every year.

Dell E6430, i-5, for 350 euro
20 in stock
Call or mail for availability

14 inch, 320gb HDD, 32 bits, 4gb internal
Windows 10 Pro en Office Home en Business

The lowest known price was 1.135 euro without Office.


Office, Word, Excel, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook installation 65, -
Windows 10 Professional  including adjustments.

Total installation Windows 10 Professional incl. Office Home & Business 175,-
Other problem?
Call. 070-212.70.93




Our Windows 10 machines work like Windows 7 
No tiles but a
normal desktop


More privacy with our customizations