Dutch Nederlands

The project Komp u ter hulp has been in existence for 17 years now.


Started  2003


In coöperation with Leergeld  (money to learn)


Currently living in the Netherlands in low-income families about 327,000 children in a situation where there is daily stress over whether or not to provide the necessities of life. For these children there is a real risk of social exclusion, because of financial reasons or insufficient to participate in activities at school and in social life. They stand often literally on the sidelines.

The current existing facilities by municipalities and private organizations have not been sufficient to help these children. Leergeld helps in a sustainable way to invest in the participation and development of these children.

They get computers, bicycles, sports and sportswear.


Member of the Microsoft Registrated Refurbish Program 

Total refurbished and donated computers

Windows OS & Office   

 Score: Dec. 2019